Accomplished sales collection software for managing your retail destination

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What is ds+

If you need shopping location sales reporting then you need ds+. 
 Collect, store, analyse and report sales using ds+, the most advanced sales collection software there is.

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Where is ds+

Where would ds+ be useful for you?
Shopping locations come in all sizes, shapes, and retailer mixes. 
ds+ can handle them all.

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Who uses ds+

The reporting tools in ds+ are designed for the many roles managing the success of a Shopping Location.

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Contact us

To find out more, contact us.
We welcome any questions.
We have been providing daily sales software for shopping locations since 1995.

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Obtaining figures from retailers is an art. We will help you get the most from your retailers, to get the most for your destination.

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Getting results from the figures you have is a challenge.
There are many influences and variables. We have the experience to guide you through the maze by using your retailers data to bring out the best in your asset.

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A typical retail location collecting sales data will have millions of data items.
ds+ stores these safely so that you can make historical comparisons easily and securely.

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ds+ has a variety of reporting mechanisms, from static, quick reports through to incredibly complex 'what-if' scenarios.

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Your Destination

Whatever mix of shopping, food and leisure your destination has, ds+ will integrate and complement, providing valuable sales reporting for you.

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Town Centre

Owning retail sites is tough, especially in town centres. Develop your asset management by collecting and analysing the performance of your retailers.

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Regional Centre

Dominance in a catchment is critical for a regional shopping centre, and the impressive abilities of ds+ give your regional centres the information to dominate

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Outlet Centre

ds+ is ideal for the fast-moving world of the outlet centre, where quick reaction and flexibility is the key. Measure the performance of your units with ds+ and get the mix right for your asset

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Asset Managers

Make the best choices for the asset based on real sales evidence.
Tracking a retailer’s turnover allows your team to make timely choices.
Forecast rental income based on timely data

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Centre Management

Collecting and acting on sales data improves the relationship with the retailers.
Monitor how events impact on sales and plan marketing.

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Leasing Managers

Turnover data allows leasing staff to see how retailers and sectors are performing.
Lease your centre to perform best in its catchment.

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Be confident that your retail location will be managed with the most relevant data.